Amadeus signs 76 hotels to rate scheme

A total of 76 hotel brands have signed up to Amadeus’ Best Available
Rate programme since it was launched in February 2006. Participating hotels
guarantee to supply Amadeus with rates that are the same or lower than those
available through other distribution systems, branded websites or the
hotel’s own call centre.

A sample of seven of the largest hotel chains to participate, representing
over 6,000 properties, all saw their bookings through Amadeus increase
following participation in the programme. In the majority of cases, bookings
grew by between 10% and 30%.

“Amadeus’ Best Available Rate programme fits well with our global policy to
offer rate parity across all distribution channels,” says Claudia
Hammerstein, VP Operations, Worldhotels, “It enables us to demonstrate the
control we have over our rates and assures Amadeus travel agents that they
always sell the best deal to their customers when choosing a Worldhotels

“There’s a lot of confusion out there over who has the best rate. Agents
don’t want to spend time searching for the best rate, they want to spend
that time understanding our customers needs and serving those needs,” says
Maria Udy, Vice President, Global Marketing, for RADIUS, “Amadeus’ Best
Available Rate programme allows us to do that.”