Five star spa opens in Marrakech

October heralds the birth of Marrakech’s most innovatively designed
luxury five star spa resort -  TERRE ‘earth’Magnificence, splendour and luxuriance are just a few of the utterances that will adorn your mind upon entering, TERRE ‘earth’, Marrakech’s latest, and most
innovatively designed luxury five star spa resort. Opening in October 2006, Octogone
Hotels has created a Moroccan masterpiece in TERRE, which is described as having the
‘serenity of a true palace’.

Delighting in the fruition of his dream resort, son of Cuban immigrants US born
Owner, Christian Rivadalla, said, ‘It is wonderful to see the culmination of years
of hard work coming to fruition. With TERRE I wanted to create a luxury resort,
second to none with worldwide appeal, and I have. The backdrop of Marrakech provides
a truly inspirational setting, and the resort has been developed to complement the
surrounding landscape - you will genuinely not find anywhere else like it on earth.’

Rivadalla continues, ‘The octagonal theme resounds throughout the whole resort, I
decided upon the name Octogone Hotels because who wants to be square, referring to
the traditional architecture found in Riads (villas) throughout Morocco.  We wanted
to do something completely different, create a small city of luxury riads with the
services of a five star luxury resort. Then, with this in mind, I sat down with our
architectural and designer teams and we discussed how to continue the theme
throughout. TERRE covers almost 12 acres of land and is made up of twenty complexes
making 52 luxury suites of various sizes - all octagonal styled mansions - plus,
octagonal shapes have been integrated into our craftsmanship, inspiring but still
distinguishing it from anything ever seen. And, taking it to the extreme we’re even
considering offering our clientele eight-handed massages for those who know how to
enjoy and indulge in the ultimate dream.’

The first of eight planned luxury resorts across Morocco from Octogone Hotels, TERRE
will employ 186 employees, equating to 4 to 5 employees per guest with the service
described as ‘unobtrusive yet attentive’. With a view to welcoming the elite in
service minded travellers into this unique new boutique-style property, all guest
suites have been built to ensure total privacy with not a single one being
overlooked and, have been sympathetically designed using a combination of
traditional and modern Moroccan style.

The world class spa facilities have been designed to offer a mystical reflection of
Marrakech and are set in the tranquil surroundings nestled behind the TERRE resort
huge doors. These open to reveal an oasis of calm with palm trees, and citrus tress.
TERRE provides a range of treatments from the Moroccan Royal massages which involves
a four-handed hot oil massage by two therapists where the harmony of the movements
create a unique holistic experience to its romantic private underground Octogone
shaped Hammam, the ultimate experience in Gommage, where a cleanse in olive oil soap
is followed by a therapeutic scrub with aromatic clay and completed with a wash down
from buckets of water.


Catering to elite international customers, the resort will offer all guests a number
of innovative features that, Rivadalla explains, ‘will truly set us apart from other
luxury resorts. For example, we’re offering cell phones upon request with the
provision to make international calls, while away from the TERRE simple speed dial
us -for any of our guests needs - all catered mini-bars will be free, plus each
suite will house a tailor made guestbook of selective and approved activities, our
beds are dream-like and we offer the finest of amenities, including private butler
service. Our Royal villas even offer a private chef to prepare anything our guests
wish. We don’t want our guests to worry about a single thing, in fact, they won’t
even need to carry cash with them, all of our in-house services are on an honor
system, just like if you were at home - the whole idea is that the trip away is
tranquil, relaxing and rejuvenating, so we intend to take care of every little

Within TERRE there are three cuisines offered, Moroccan, International and its newly
released Cuban Moorish fusion restaurant named Milagros. Milagros is set to feature
authentic Cuban cuisine flavoured by the spices and riches of Moorish food, set to a
back drop of authentic Cuban soul and African beats. Regardless of the hour, TERRE
Anywhere Dining allows guests to enjoy a meal at any time regardless of what they
want or where they’d like to eat, TERRE will even host a picnic at the onset of the
Atlas mountain for an unforgettable experience. 

With a new highway between Casablanca and Marrakech planned for completion later
this year, plus the ever growing populate and mystery of Morocco, not to mention the
expansion of direct flights from more and more International and European
destinations,  Rivadalla reveals that he is confidently anticipating a busy few
years ahead.