Green campaign hits air industry hard

A British campaign by environmentalists is using humour and subversion to highlight the massive climate change damage unrestrained air transport expansion will bring.This weekend and Monday, environmental campaigners will break new ground with a broadside against the aviation industryand Government policy. Meet Sir Montgomery Cecil, President of SPURT, fearless spokesman for the industry and the star of a nationwide newspaper blitz, website and video.

This hard-hitting parody campaign will fix the spotlight firmly on aviation growth and climate change.


SPURT, the “real” voice of the aviation industry - in all its unhinged, profit chasing, mouth-frothing glory - will be creating a splash over an intensive newspaper campaign, supported by online communications and viral media.



Full page press ads in the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, Observer, and the Times, will turn environmental campaigning upside down, as SPURT tells the “climate doom mongers” to “get stuffed”. Sir Montgomery Cecil reassures the British public that aviation is good for the environment and, anyway, “Nobody wants to hear about climate change, flooding or people dying in Africa.”     


The newspaper advertising will drive readers to where Sir Monty fronts a short but mad-as-a-bucket-of-frogs video. Only at the video’s end is the full message revealed with people asked to email the Department for Transport and support the Airpor*censored*ch Rethink! campaign.


Jeff Gazzard, Airpor*censored*ch spokesman, said:


“We hope this campaign will be impossible to ignore - and the Man from Spurt does just that. Sir Monty is clearly bonkers but the serious point is that the real madness lies in our Government’s approach to aviation. We need to get people to see and understand the worrying impact of aviation growth on climate change and help us tell the Government to start controlling and reducing aviation’s damaging greenhouse gas emissions right now!”


Jeff Gazzard added:


“Aviation emissions, left unchecked, will be using up all our nation’s available carbon budget by 2030. If the Government is serious about the UK’s 2050 climate change target to reduce CO2 emissions by 60%, it can only make the maths add up by cancelling its crazy airport expansion plans.”



Carol Barbone, from Stop Stansted Expansion, said:


“Airports like Stansted are literally where aviation’s CO2 emissions start and finish as aircraft fill up their tanks, load their passengers and circle the globe trailing greenhouse

gases in their wake. Climate change is not an abstract concept any longer - Stop Stansted Expansion’s members will be emailing the Minister too, demanding action and tough cuts in aviation’s emissions.”