US travellers unfazed by lifted restrictions

A week after the Transportation Safety Administration changed the restrictions on gel and liquids allowed in carry-on baggage aboard airplanes, an AP/AOL Travel poll indicates that most Americans, 79 percent, say the easing of restrictions on taking liquids and gels onto airplanes makes no difference in how they feel about the safety of air travel.44 percent indicated that they believe security in not consistent at various airports, and 41 percent of Americans feel that it is consistent. While most Americans (64 percent) say the rules regarding liquids and gels are easy to understand, a significant minority, 32 percent, believes the rules on what can be carried aboard airplanes are confusing.

However, on a positive note for the travel industry, 43 percent of Americans feel that air travel today is very safe, which is somewhat higher than other polls taken since the 9/11 attacks, including one this summer that reported Americans’ satisfaction levels with air safety in the 30s.

Other findings include:

94% and 91% of Americans stated that safety and cost were very important or somewhat important, respectively;
61% of Americans have used the Internet to research a travel destination;
44% of Americans are planning to take a vacation in the next 12 months. Most plan vacation trips in the United States, but 37% of those planning vacations say they’re planning to take a trip abroad;
The beach (35%) beats the mountains (29%), major cities (19%) and theme parks (10%) as the most popular type of vacation destination.