KDS upgrades corporate offering

KDS is launching KDS Corporate 6.0—previously code-named Magellan, the first on demand travel and expense solution.

Whereas a partial industry offering has tried to interface software built on heterogeneous platforms, KDS Corporate V6 is a true end-to-end integrated on demand offering. Processes from pre-trip approvals and traveler preferences to post trip expense management and reporting are seamless.

Data and workflow recorded information is automatically shared along the whole travel chain, including traveler profile updates, cost center allocations and travel policy adherence. Due to this seamless integration, formerly unconceivable capabilities like grouping expenses per trip can be done in one click.

Furthermore, KDS developed a brand new central billing module that enables companies to more effectively manage travel agency invoices and to reconcile them with trips booked online. With this new capability, companies can check invoices before paying them, validate real traveler behavior and also claim credit notes for unused tickets.

The online travel booking portion of KDS Corporate has also been widely redesigned and upgraded. A brand new user interface, benefiting from the new capabilities users can find on the Internet, is now available for all the required travel modules including air, train, hotel and car rental reservations on one platform.


The air search and booking function has been enhanced and includes a summary matrix for quick access to available fares, including low cost alternatives, and allows for options to be filtered according to many different criteria, including flexibility of the fares. New types of fares are now managed like “one way fares” including mixed-class and flexible return fares, a capability long sought by both frequent flyers and travel buyers.

Content has been enriched with a large number of new direct web links; strengthening KDS’ market leading position of offering more managed travel sources.

Several new modules have been added, including a trip request facility for exchanging requests and proposals with travel agencies.  A new Travel Arranger Dashboard enables personal assistants to have a quick calendar view of all trips, sort them per traveler and duplicate, cancel or create templates as required.

In addition and with the support of Microsoft France and its IDEES (Initiative for the Economic Development of Software Publishers and Start-ups) program, trips will now be visible under and synchronized in Microsoft Outlook.

The expense management module of KDS Corporate has been extended and now supports.

á      A totally flexible VAT engine,
á      A new audit function helping companies to be SOX compliant,
á      A cash advance management module,
á      A new interface allowing users to access their most frequent expense type in one click,
á      A fully configurable interface with all accounting packages and ERP
á      Advanced facilities like scanned receipts or level 3 data management

Finally, KDS Corporate V6 incorporates a more advanced business intelligence suite where managers can access an immediate summary or detailed view of all information related to travel and expense management.

“KDS has here achieved a major milestone in reshaping the technology supplier landscape,” said Yves Weisselberger, CEO of KDS. “By completely integrating travel and expense management, we have taking the industry offering to a new level and have in the process significantly expanded our solutions driven approach.

Our vision is to help companies in their efforts as they look to move beyond automating transactions to increasing management of their travel and expense activities.  Going forward, we will not only help companies automate transactions, we will help them secure the maximum financial benefits derived from greater management control over the entire travel and expense management process.”

KDS Corporate V6 is available on all markets starting from mid November. Developed on Microsoft .Net, KDS Corporate V6 has been certified by the Microsoft Technology Center.