Evason Phuket gets ‘Green’ status

Evason Phuket has achieved the Green Globe Certified status under the worldwide Green Globe Certification Program, which recognises the property’s commitment to operating at the world’s highest environmental standard. It is the only resort in South East Asia to be certified by Green Globe.

To attain certification, Evason Phuket firstly had to successfully benchmark against a number of key environmental performance areas, including water usage, waste management and energy efficiency.  Evason Phuket had to achieve a level above the Green Globe benchmark figure, which is measured against the performance of operations of similar size, operating within the same sector and region.

To further demonstrate its commitment to environmentally sustainable tourism, the resort then proceeded to the final and highest level of the Green Globe Program - Certification.  This process involved a rigorous onsite assessment conducted by a Green Globe accredited third party auditor.  By successfully completing the onsite assessment,  Evason Phuket has demonstrated that they are committed to the Green Globe Company Standard. 

Consumers visiting tourism operations in the Green Globe program can be assured that they are supporting an operator who is committed to ongoing sustainability and the implementation of a number of sound environmental practices.
Cathy Parsons, on Behalf of GGAP International, says “I am delighted that Evason Phuket achieved Certified status. It is an inspiration to all those people committed to environmentally sustainable tourism. They have demonstrated through a variety of initiatives, that the business and its employees can make a difference to reducing their environmental impact. The commitment they have shown in signing up to participate in the Green Globe program and their achievements set an example for other businesses to follow.”