Monaco gears up for spa forum

Spa and well-being - these two concepts are playing a bigger role in all our lives as a response to the fast pace of today’s world. A direct consequence is that the spa and wellness industries are thriving.
New spas are being built, new high-end spa product lines are in development, and new treatments and protocols are appearing. There is also a strong connection between the spa world and our perceptions of luxury: spa treatments allow us to escape into a world of lushness and pampering resulting in many spas being built in classy locations worldwide, including five star hotels.

Hotels continue to offer great potential and increasing numbers are launching spa activities. For hotels, spas are a key investment whose return in terms of image directly affect their ability to fill rooms and bring in new business making them a growing necessity at high-end resorts and hotels. On the other hand, spas are a new business which needs to be handled carefully to reap the rewards. 

The Monaco Spa Event is the international gathering for spa and wellness industry and an exclusive gateway to the spa industry in Europe. It is a unique opportunity for spa and hotel managers, and the entire hotel industry, to take a fresh look at spa culture, in the wonderful setting of Monaco.
The Monaco Spa Event is the answer to the rising needs of all professionals and investors considering a spa: it is a totally new, unprecedented concept, bringing together - in the marvellous setting of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco - the key players of the entire supply chain. Entering the spa world doesn’t simply mean building a spa. Spas are multi-faceted havens where attention to detail starts with the conceptual ideas, the architectural design, all the way to the choice of materials used to build it, the selection of equipment inside and the high-end spa cosmetic products. Completing the picture are top flight spa management, strong image marketing and the need of skilled, educated staff.

Visiting the Monaco Spa Event, hotels and spa managers, spa consultants and investors will be able to see the very best available in the industry. From A to Z, they can explore spa architecture, engineering, interior design, hydro- balneo- and thalassotherapy, health, medical and aesthetic equipment, spa cosmetic products and treatments, décor and spa clothing, spa management and educational services plus spa related services.

The layout of the show reflects a logical path for visitors. As they enter the Grimaldi Forum from 20 to 22 January 2007, they will be immediately surrounded by a spa atmosphere and continue their journey first towards the “Diaghilev Hall” to discover all that’s best in architectural, technical, engineering, design and décor, plus hydro-, balneo- and thalassotherapy and then to the “Ravel Hall”, where they will find high-end equipment, products, treatments, education and services related to spa management.


Occupying both the Ravel and the Diaghilev hall[1], the 2007 edition of the show will have double the exhibition area of 2006, in line with the rate of growth of the industry and will offer a perfect opportunity for the whole industry to inform and be informed on the very latest spa developments. An interesting highlight of the international flavour at the Monaco Spa Event will be provided by Thailand, through the Thai Privilege Spa: about 500 sqm of exhibition area entirely devoted to the Thai spa concept and the very best among high end Thai spa products. 
Highlighting confirmed exhibitors in the Ravel Hall (among the others): After the Rain, Algotherm, Babor, Carita, Comfort Zone, Decleor, GTS, Kanebo, Payot, Sportarredo, Thalgo, Germaine de Cappuccini, Sorisa.
In the Diaghilev Hall are exhibiting companies like (among the others): Balnea, Clair Azur, Hydroconcept, Iris, Klafs, Thermarium, Uniquespa.