Cheapflights predicts online growth

Speaking to an audience of top UK travel internet executives at the annual PhoCusWright Travel Conference in Brussels, David Soskin, CEO, reflected on the impact the Summer has had on travel. He also shared his thoughts on how the relationship between the internet and travel has softened the blows of terror alerts, World Cup Fever and Summer heatwaves.

Commenting on the current travel climate David Soskin said “Brits are a resilient lot and I cannot foresee any permanent downturn in the health of the Travel Industry. For those of us who compete in internet…I believe the outlook is very strong.”

Continuing his positive outlook of the impact of the internet on travel he advised “Most travel companies understand that the internet is cheaper, more relevant, more targeted and more effective than traditional media…having so many options produces a vibrant and extremely competitive market, and this is a good thing, both for the travel industry and for travellers.”

David went on to express his excitement about the prospects ahead and closed with a thought for everyone to take away with them: “The great thing about travel is that demand is often lead by impulse…It is up to all of us in the travel world to provide great products at great prices, to inspire people to travel even more often.”