Warwick migrates to OPERA

Warwick International Hotels has chosen the MICROS OPERA Enterprise Solution for all 10 of its corporate-owned properties located in the United States and Europe. Implementation has commenced for US properties and will be followed by the European properties. Full deployment will be complete by the end of 2006.

During the first phase of deployment, Warwick Hotels will implement the OPERA Property Management System and OPERA Sales and Catering System. Upon completion of the initial phase, all properties will then be connected to their new OPERA Customer Information System (OCIS).

Warwick Hotels will leverage OPERA’s powerful OCIS application to centrally manage guest profiles, history, and loyalty programs. And with the advanced membership module, Warwick will be able to manage membership upgrades and downgrades, referred to as tier management, awarding members with points which can be redeemed, as well as provide its members a tool with which to generate real-time member statements. In addition, the campaign management module in OCIS will allow Warwick to send mail campaigns electronically to its valued guests.

“The OPERA Customer Information System truly redefines the meaning of the phrase ‘customer relationship management’ and provides us the tools necessary to manage our most valued guests,” stated G. Paul LeBlanc, Vice President Marketing & Sales. “We look forward to providing the ultimate guest experience by specifically catering to our loyal clientele’s preferences and needs at all touch points.”

The multi-language, multi-currency capabilities of the OPERA system, where screens can be in multiple languages based on the user’s log-in language, were a major deciding factor for Warwick Hotels. “Being an international company, it is essential to have a system that can handle not only system requirements for our US-based properties, but also handle language, currency and tax requirements for our European properties,” continued Mr. LeBlanc. “These global features are a standard part of the OPERA Enterprise Solution.”


“Warwick Hotels has been a valued customer of MICROS for over 9 years,” stated Tom Giannopoulos, Chairman and CEO of MICROS Systems. “We are quite pleased that Warwick Hotels, even after an extensive evaluation of other solutions, continues to recognize the value in MICROS solutions and in sustaining its partnership with MICROS.”