Sabre in Europe focus

Sabre Travel Network has unveiled a new marketing campaign for Europe.  Called ‘The Power Behind You’, it reinforces the message that the Sabre global distribution system (GDS) remains the most efficient global marketplace for the buying and selling of travel.

“Following our signing of long-term, full-content contracts with major European airlines and each of the Big Six US carriers, the time is right to highlight the continued value of the GDS and the work we have done to evolve beyond our original distribution function,” said Geoffrey Breeze, Sabre Travel Network’s vice-president of marketing for the EMEA region.

“We give to our travel agency customers a range of marketing and sales tools that would be the envy of re-sellers in any other sector or industry.  And, through the entire stable of Sabre businesses, we offer travel providers the most efficient way imaginable to sell to any of their customer groups.

“There is nothing like the Sabre GDS in the distribution model of any other industry.  The new marketing campaign reminds travel agents, travel providers and corporate travel managers about the terrific marketing, sales and distribution strength we have, and the undoubted contribution we make to the entire industry - be it tools that help travel agents differentiate their services and sell travel more efficiently, or products that help travel providers run their businesses more profitably.”

The new campaign carries the reminder ‘you make it happen for them, we make it happen for you’ - a reference to Sabre Travel Network’s promise to help its customers provide unrivalled service for travellers by giving them the widest range of bookable travel products, local products to meet local travel needs, and tools to help them market, sell or distribute their products efficiently.


“The ads are powerful, emotive and will appeal to the British sense of fair play, loyalty and application,” Breeze said. “We expect they will help communicate the scale and complexity of the job that Sabre Travel Network does for each of its customer groups every minute of every day, day in and day out.”

The new messaging will be seen in print adverts, customer literature, and travel shows, exhibitions and presentations across the UK.