Gulf Air implements e-ticketing

Gulf Air reached another milestone in its continuous stride towards implementing electronic ticketing by successfully commissioning Interline Electronic Ticketing (IET) with American Airlines (AA). Passengers can now enjoy the convenience of using a single e-ticket for journeys on Gulf Air and American Airlines to eligible destinations.

With the IET implementation, Gulf Air has been elevated to ‘Green Status’ by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as a recognition of its progress towards achieving 100 percent electronic ticketing by 31 December 2007 mandated by IATA.

“The IET arrangement with American Airlines is one more feather in our cap as we move ahead with our electronic ticketing implementation,” says Gulf Air Vice President Information Technology Pauric Doyle.

“Soon we will be expanding to include other airlines in our IET network. Gulf Air is one of the very few airlines to date to have completed e-ticketing in 65 per cent of its network. Since we rolled out our first e-ticketing in November 2005, our progress has been remarkable. And we are well ahead in our plans to meet the IATA deadline.”

IET offers greater flexibility and convenience to passengers and the airlines; it makes it easier for travellers using electronic tickets to change travel plans and carriers while en route and, allows airlines to issue e-tickets on each other’s services and code share flights, where eligible.


Gulf Air has subscribed to an industry-leading Hubware product for enabling IET, which, among other technical advantages, reduces activation timelines dramatically and enables immediate access to all other linked airlines at minimal cost.

“We are pleased to begin our IET implementation with AA, which is an important code share partner of Gulf Air,” says Gulf Air Vice President Network Fareed Al Alawi.

“We see this as an important development in our cooperation with AA in achieving better communication between the two airlines with regard to electronic ticket status and, greater flexibility for passengers with itinerary on both airlines.”

Gulf Air and American Airlines signed the code share agreement in 1994, which was expanded in 1998 and now covers flights from Bahrain/Muscat via London to Boston/Miami/Los Angeles/New York/Chicago, Paris to Dallas/Miami/ Chicago/New York and, Frankfurt to Dallas/Chicago.