Carifesta fiesta storms Trinidad

The multiple nations in and
around the Caribbean geographic area have displayed the culture, artistic
talents, and openness of their respective peoples for the Carifesta IX event
in Trinidad and Tobago. On the main stage each country, including hosts T&T,
was allocated between sixty and ninety minutes nightly to highlight some of
the best culture and talent they had to offer. 

Antigua and Barbuda’s turn
came on Saturday evening, and they played to a full house, as all seating in
front of the stage was accounted for.  Incidentally one of those seats proved
extremely lucrative to one young lady later on, when documentation for the
first prize of a raffle - a weekend trip for two to Antigua & Barbuda - was
found on the underside of one of the chairs!

    This was definitely a more rewarding time for Antigua & Barbuda; two nights
previously the contingent was scheduled to take the stage, and had in fact
been at Carifesta Village since 8:15 PM, all ready to perform supposedly
within half hour.  But as late as 10:45 PM, the group still had not had their
opportunity.  Dominica was performing when they arrived, then the Guyanese
contingent who arrived late, followed Dominica.  And they were still
performing for the Carifesta IX audience while Antigua & Barbuda stood about
dejectedly.  There was a mixture of emotion from the contingent of youngsters
and adults: frustration, disappointment, resignation and yet hopefulness,
among them.