Lufthansa welcomes luggage relaxation

Rules governing personal carry-on baggage will be eased from tomorrow for Lufthansa
passengers on flights to the USA.On instructions from the German and US authorities, passengers will again be allowed
to take limited amounts of wax or gel-type substances in their hand luggage into the
aircraft cabin. Permitted are containers, such as bottles or tins, each up to a size
of 100 ml but they must be carried in a transparent plastic bag with a volume of no
more than one litre.  One bag per passenger is allowed.

Exempted are prescription medicines and baby food, of which larger amounts may be
packed in carry-on bags insofar as they are essential for the flight.

All liquids as well as drinks and toiletries purchased after the security check at
the airport may also be taken onboard flights.

This regulation has been applicable to all flights out of the USA since Tuesday of
this week.  The German authorities have now introduced the measure from tomorrow
(Friday) for all flights ex Germany to the USA.