ERA calls for online pricing transparency

The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) is launching a campaign to improve the transparency of prices on airline websites.

ERA sees no reason why passengers should continue to be confused or misled when comparing different airlines’ air fares on the internet.

The ERA Directorate is therefore encouraging airlines to publish a new ‘plain fares’ logo on their websites, as long as two simple rules are obeyed.

Firstly, if a price does not include all taxes and charges, then a fully-inclusive price must be displayed with equal prominence.

Secondly, if an internet booking transaction might be subject to a booking fee, credit card fee or other similar fee, then the amount to be added must be readily available to consumers.


The ERA Board has adopted a Resolution to recommend ERA airlines to amend any websites that do not currently meet the criteria. Only airlines with websites that meet the two criteria above will be allowed to use the ‘plain fares’ logo.

ERA president Antonis Simigdalas says: “This initiative should not be limited to ERA member airlines. The ERA Board urges all airlines with European websites, and their representative trade bodies, to adopt a similar policy. We are more than willing to make the ‘plain fares’ logo available to any airline that meets the criteria, whether an ERA member or not.”

Mike Ambrose, director general of ERA, adds: “Our objectives are to improve customer satisfaction, to alleviate the concerns of consumer groups and to make new regulations unnecessary.”