New UK start up has been launched to offer UK travellers a one stop shop for travelling to New York.

Designed specifically for the needs of travellers to New York from the UK, offers a far more tailored, specialist approach than generic travel websites.

Rather than offering hotel rooms as is the case with the majority of websites, offers the traveller the chance to rent an apartment to be able to see the city ‘from the inside’ and to really get under the skin of NYC as only someone living as a New Yorker can.

And with fully furnished studio apartments starting from as little as £31 per person per night, the apartment accommodation offers a realistically priced alternative to the average price of a hotel room in NYC. offers a wide variety of accommodation, from budget to VIP quality, with many options between. Examples of the types of accommodation currently available include studio, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom or loft style apartments located throughout Manhattan, each of which is classed as silver, gold or platinum.


With prices starting at £93 per night per apartment for a three person studio in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the cost of accommodation is both favourable and affordable when compared to hotel rates. Similarly a four person apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side works out at just £23 per person per night (£95 per night per apartment).

Apartments are also available to accommodate 6 to 8 people, making them ideal bases for a group of friends or family to do some Christmas shopping or take a short break whilst further reducing the cost per person. These 2-3 bedroom apartments are available from £164 per apartment and are perhaps the most cost effective way for travellers from the UK to stay quality Manhattan-based accommodation, at just £20 per person per night.

For those looking for something extra special, luxury, fully serviced and doorman-fronted studio apartments in the platinum collection begin at just £105 per apartment.

Critically, the vast majority of’s apartments are centrally located in Manhattan as opposed to being located in any of the other boroughs or indeed New Jersey.

The site also offers insights into local clubs, restaurants, events and activities in New York to make each trip unique and memorable - the company even provides personalised itinerary ideas, based on each customers top-five ‘must see’ or ‘must do’s’ along with’s specialist local knowledge. Together, these itinerary ideas assist visitors to make the most of their time in the city that never sleeps.

In addition to offering apartment rentals, specialises in assisting individuals and businesses to purchase property in NYC, whether for investment or relocation purposes. With an approach intended to demystify the purchase process, provides a means of navigating the legal differences between the NYC property market and the UK market, offering help and support throughout.

Serge Aoussou, Managing Director of, said:
“Having lived in New York for many years myself I regularly found myself offering assistance and guidance to many friends and contacts from the UK who were looking either to rent or buy property in the city, as there was no one in the UK well placed to help them. Consequently I decided to relocate my family to the UK and to establish NewYorkProperties in order to meet the demand.”

“Virtually everyone that has ever visited New York can confirm that it is a unique city which leaves an indelible mark on all visitors, many of which are keen to return and some of course to return on a more permanent basis. With hotel rooms conforming to very similar standards the world over, the demand for unique accommodation which is part of the city’s unique fabric is greater than ever before.”