targets group travellers is making the process easier and faster for people to plan a variety
of group trips.
  The new “Groups” tab on the home page offers users a clear
and easy path for starting the planning process. Unlike other sites, which
require multiple clicks to access group travel services, visitors to are just one click away from beginning the planning process.
  Streamlined access is important to the process, as it helps alleviate
some of the burden from those tasked with planning group travel. “Trying to
find the right property that will meet the various needs of travelers
within a group can be a stressful process, particularly if you are not a
frequent traveler and trying to research in your spare time,” said Jack
Richards, senior vice president of product marketing for “With, customers work directly with hotel specialists whose sole focus
is group travel. These seasoned experts consider specific customer
requirements to find and book the best property for the group at the right