US registered traveller group opens up

The FLO (Fast Lane Option) Alliance, a group of industry leaders that includes Saflink Corporation, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, Johnson Controls, Inc., Smiths Detection and ID Technology Partners announced that it will begin accepting Advance Registration information from individuals interested in participating in the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) forthcoming Registered Traveler (RT) program. The Registered Traveler program is designed to allow individuals who voluntarily undergo an in-depth background check, provide biometric information (such as a fingerprint or iris scan) and pay an annual fee to take advantage of expedited security screening procedures at participating U.S. airports.

Enrollees would use specially designated, privately managed RT lanes, where they would be required to present and match an approved, secure biometric identity credential.

“This is an important milestone in the evolution of Registered Traveler as it will provide a channel for interacting directly with potential program participants,” said Glenn Argenbright, CEO of Saflink. “The traveling public is looking for new and innovative ways to enhance and expedite their travel experience. I believe Advance Registration will help to illustrate the enormous demand which we believe exists for a service of this type.”

While the RT program has not yet been implemented, the TSA recently announced that potential RT vendors, such as the FLO Alliance, can begin establishing Advance Enrollment systems to expedite the future enrollment of interested program participants. Those interested in registering can do so at . Information gathered through the Advance Registration process will not be transmitted to the TSA until enrollment is completed and the program is approved for rollout by the TSA. Advance Registration is not considered enrollment in the RT program and does not guarantee an individual’s acceptance in the program.

Like all other vendors that have indicated their interest in becoming RT service providers, the FLO Alliance is not yet authorized to fully enroll program participants and issue RT cards for a nationally interoperable system.


Upon authorization by the TSA, the FLO Alliance will provide individuals that submitted Advance Registration information with a Privacy Act statement, verify their personal information, collect their biometric information, and obtain written permission before transmitting their personal information to the TSA.

The FLO Alliance for Registered Traveler, initially formed in 2005, brings together industry leaders in technology, finance and facilities infrastructure and security systems, in addition to companies with broad experience marketing to businesses, consumers and the aviation industry. The Alliance’s solution provides for the complete Registered Traveler credentialing process and its operational use in airports. Built on the proven technologies of its members, the FLO Alliance RT architecture covers: the enrollment of biographic and biometric information and identity verification of participating individuals; collection of program fees; production and issuance of secure, tamper-proof FLO credentials; installation, maintenance and management of authentication platforms within aviation facilities throughout the United States; and operations management and customer service for the nationwide subscription program.