Cancun unveils wireless check-in

Cancun hasemployed a new wireless check-in technology at the international airport. As the country’s second busiest airport next to Mexico City, Cancun International Airport (CUN) has experienced significant and continued increases in visitation since its construction in the early 1970’s and now serves 800,000 passengers per month during high season.

To accommodate the rising needs of these busy travelers, the Cancun International Airport has incorporated wireless technology into its check-in procedures.

The Cancun International Airport and ASUR, which administers and operates nine airports in the southeast of Mexico, recently acquired 10 additional mobile counters to easily and efficiently check-in passengers and print boarding passes anywhere in the airport concourse. These mobile counters will rely on a wireless connection to the airport’s information technology systems as well as built-in power sources using rechargeable batteries.

Thanks to Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE), the new wireless check-in system can be used by any airline that needs to handle a higher number of check-ins than expected. Passengers will find the new system to provide better and more efficient service, limiting unnecessary inconveniences and saving valuable travel time by eliminating long queues.

With this new advanced technology, airlines may soon also use mobile counters to offer special services to passengers. Group and convention attendees may be able to check-in without having to wait in line with the airline’s other passengers, benefiting passengers and airline counter attendants alike.


“Our guests’ needs are our top priority, and we recognize that visitors want hassle-free travel,” commented Artemio Santos, executive director of the Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Mobile check-in counters are just one of the many ways that we are making it easier for travelers to visit our great destination.”