Siren brings in senior travel people

Siren PR has hired outgoing ABTA Head of Corporate Affairs Keith Betton
and TUI UK Head of Communications, Rachel O’Reilly to strengthen its
specialist travel and tourism offer and fill a huge gap in the market.

Siren’s strengthened travel offer will meet a need in the market for
clients looking for a more impactful approach to travel PR and
communications.  The Siren team brings together an impressive track record
in travel, brand and consumer PR and fills a gap between boutique travel
agency PR and big network communications.

Betton who leaves ABTA at the end of November 2006 after 20 years in the
travel industry’s hottest seat, will join Siren as Associate Director on
1st December.  He will provide strategic communications counsel, crisis
preparedness and management and media training. He has led the travel
industry through many media challenges - not least September 11 and the

O’Reilly joins Siren as Director on 6th November 2006 directly from TUI
UK, where she was responsible for a team of 14 and selected and managed
agencies for the Thomson brand and specialist tour operators.  She has an
impressive track record of 15 years in travel, lifestyle and brand PR and
will work alongside Siren’s senior team to create a new offer for clients
in the travel and lifestyle sector.

Rachel O’Connor, Siren’s managing director said:  “This is a significant
step in Siren’s growth strategy.  Keith is widely accepted to be the
consumer face and voice of the travel industry.  His years of representing
the industry provide him with unparalleled knowledge and experience of the
business and media.


“In hiring Rachel we are securing one of the most well respected and
dynamic PR practitioners currently operating in the travel business.  Her
experience adds significantly to our credentials and together with Keith
we have ambitious plans to shake-up what is often considered to be a staid
and uncreative sector of the PR business.

“With the addition of these two blue-chip appointments along with the
existing team’s talents, we will set new standards in this dynamic sector.
It’s one that we all have a huge passion for.” She concluded.