Swiss pilots end strike

The one-day strike called by the Swiss Pilots Association (SPA) ended Tuesday evening.
Normal flight operations will resume early tomorrow morning. As a consequence of today’s strike, SWISS will claim damages from the Swiss Pilots Association and its representatives.

Avro pilots who took part in the strike have been issued with a warning and will be docked one day’s salary.

The strike organised by the Swiss Pilots union resulted in the cancellation of 128 flights over the course of the day. Six further cancellations are likely tomorrow morning. A total of approximately 8,300 passengers were affected by the strike. The entire company did its utmost to minimise the effects of the strike on passengers. SWISS set up ten additional ticket counters at Zurich Airport and extra staff attended to passengers at the airports. A majority of the passengers affected were booked on other airlines.

SWISS is disappointed and astonished at the conduct of Swiss Pilots.

Swiss European had been engaged in an ongoing dialogue with Swiss Pilots and had offered further talks for October. Swiss Pilots did not respond to this offer and instead called the strike.


Nevertheless, Swiss European remains willing to engage in talks with Swiss Pilots in a constructive atmosphere. The challenge of now creating this constructive environment lies with Swiss Pilots.

The joint goal of Swiss European and its pilots must be to create working conditions that provide job security for the pilots and make it possible for Swiss European to operate the Avro fleet competitively over the long term.

SWISS deeply regrets that its customers have been inconvenienced by the strike and apologises to them.