China launches first regional carrier

Huaxia Airlines, China’s first carrier engaged in regional flights, obtained the license for business operation on September 24, and it is scheduled to make its maiden flight, from Guizhou to Liping, on September 25.

With a registered capital of CNY 80 million, Huaxia Airlines is headquartered in Guiyang, capital city of southwestern China’s Guizhou Province, and it is also the nation’s first carrier based in Guizhou Province.

The company is bullish on Guizhou’s emerging regional aviation market that has promising development potential, said Huaxia Airline Chairman Hu Xiaojun.

In recent five years, Guizhou has opened several regional airports that connect many of the province’s national-level scenic spots and natural reserves, which therefore provide a hug customer potential for regional carriers.

In the next three years, Huaxia Airlines plans to set bases in some key airports including in Harbin, Hohhot, Wuhan and Beijing to gradually form a nation-wide regional aviation network.