Wayport launches new brand identity

Wayport is introducing a new corporate logo and brand messaging that better reflects the company’s strategy and position in the market. Founded in June of 1996, Wayport is well known for being a leading Wi-Fi and wired provider for public access and over the past several years, the company has been able to leverage its capabilities and experience with the network infrastructure it has in place at nearly 13,000 locations in 32 countries to also support private-side applications and software.  In doing so, Wayport is now designing, developing and enabling software and applications over carrier-grade networks that help innovative organizations attract and retain loyal customers by creating new business capabilities and improving operational efficiencies.

The new logo represents Wayport’s ability to build and seamlessly layer on applications and software across thousands of locations to deliver one scalable and consistent experience across multi-vendor transport. Some of the software and applications Wayport enables today include: e-learning; security cameras; VOIP; admin LAN; cashless and debit card payments; gaming; CRM; business centers; public space PCs; DVD rental stations; security check-in; printing; sales data reporting; private VPN access to corporate headquarters; dial-back-up; remote order taking; Wi-Fi public access; roaming; digital content distribution; bandwidth shaping; policy-based routing; virus and worm protection and many more. Many of these applications are secure and scalable and are supported by Wayport’s 24/7 in-house call center, network operations center and repair and maintenance teams.

“We are excited to introduce Wayport’s new logo and branding messaging that clearly illustrates our ability to help innovative organizations gain a competitive edge,” said Dave Vucina, CEO of Wayport. “Public Wi-Fi access continues to be a large and growing part of our business and at the same time our company has evolved to a focus on bringing together premier venues,  mobile users, mobile devices, applications and software that drive significant value across the entire business value chain. Our new logo and brand position better reflects who we are as a company today and where we are headed.”

The new logo and identity system are the result of extensive research, dialogue with internal and external customers and thoughtful evaluation of Wayport’s history, strengths and position in the market. Solid blocks form the “W” symbol, illustrating our strong foundation and our ability to build and seamlessly integrate software and applications. The green colors represent Wayport’s commitment to corporate and environmental responsibility, trust and proven success.