Athenee Palace launches Hilton Art Club

Athenee Palace Hilton has recently launched Hilton Art Club, a concept within which the hotel will organise monthly art exhibitions in partnership with the Gold Art Gallery. The aim of the project that the club intends to promote is represented by the community of Romanian contemporary artists, painters particularly, within a relaxing but stylish environment.

Each month, a new artist will exhibit his works, the purpose of the club being to present the supporters of many styles and currents.

The club was inaugurated with the painting exhibition of the famous painter Gheorghe Dican.

The artist is a graduate of Spiru Haret University, Drawing Pedagogy, a member of the Fine Artists Union since 1991 and he is the representative of the freedom of expression in painting. This is his way of breathing, crying, imagining the reality of the world he lives in.

The colour range, which he combines on his palette, summarizes the harmony of his living universe, where contrasts seek for the ideal agreement and equilibrium breaks into parts within the restless continuous making.


Art lovers will be able to admire the works of the artist exhibited in the hotel lobby until end of October.

The idea of an art exhibition within a hotel belongs to the managing director, Mr Friedrich W Niemann, who is an enthusiastic art admirer: “I am very happy to host a standing art exhibition here at Athenee Palace Hilton; Hilton hotels worldwide are famous supporters of cultural activities and the launching of Hilton Art Club reflects our purpose to participate in the community by organising diverse and unique events,” said Mr. Niemann.

The Gold Art Gallery is located on the ground floor of the hotel and it is famous for the Romanian contemporary art works it hosts.

The gallery provides a wide range of works starting with the traditional ones up to those non-conventional and it also provides specialist advice to private collectors or to companies.