Irish president to address ACTE meet

Mary Robinson—The first woman President of Ireland (1990 - 1997) and the former United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights (1997 - 2002) will address the general assembly at ACTE’s Global Education Conference in Barcelona on 22 October 2006.According to a statement issued today by the association’s Executive Director Susan Gurley, President Robinson offers a unique window on globalisation.

“President Robinson’s administration set the stage for the most dramatic period of economic growth in Ireland’s history,” said Gurley. “Yet she is most remembered for her efforts as an advocate for human rights. As a representative of numerous legislative and parliamentary communities, Robinson is an undisputed expert in communicating through government channels. Her message is particularly pertinent to the business travel industry now that the concept of corporate social responsibility —including issues such as ‘duty of care’ and minimizing CO2 emissions—is here to stay.”

An academic (Trinity College Law Faculty 1968 - 1990), legislator (Senator 1969 - 1989), barrister (1967 - 1990), and Senior Counsel (1980), Mary Robinson has always sought to use the law as an instrument for social change. Her endeavors link academic theory to practical legislative applications. Mary Robinson is a member of the Royal Irish Academy and the American Philosophical Society and, since 2002, has been Honorary President of Oxfam International. A founding member and Chair of the Council of Women World Leaders, she serves on many boards including the Vaccine Fund, and chairs the Irish Chamber Orchestra.

Robinson’s latest project is the Ethical Globalisation Initiative. Its goal is to bring the norms and standards of human rights into the globalization process and to support capacity building in good governance in developing countries, with an initial focus on Africa.

ACTE’s Global Education Conference in Barcelona is the fusion of advanced cost-containment techniques and a conscientious approach to corporate social responsibility. With a heavy emphasis on change management, government communication, and technology, the conference program also offers a concentrated focus on business travel’s environmental and human impact. This will be the first carbon-neutral international conference ever presented to the business travel industry.


ACTE’s Global Education Conference in Barcelona will convene 22-24 October. More detailed conference information is available at