Egypt reports record visits to Website

The Egyptian Tourism Authority has today revealed that its
official website has
attracted a staggering 1,596,096 visits since its launch in March 2006.Created to provide travellers with a one-stop resource for finding out
more about the country, Egypt was also the first international tourist
board to pioneer the new ‘.travel’ domain name.

The portal has been designed to appeal to a wide range of potential
visitors to Egypt and provides users with information on the
destination’s wealth of historical and cultural attractions, as well as
highlighting its beautiful beaches and range of activity based holidays
such as diving, desert safaris, yachting and golfing. 

The website also features travel information such as visa requirements
and useful phone numbers to help visitors have an enjoyable stay in
Egypt. Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and
Russian,   is one of the key
initiatives of Egypt’s integrated marketing campaign designed to double
global visitor numbers from eight million in 2004, to 16 million in


Mr Ahmed El Khadem, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Authority
commented: “Since the launch of
  a little over five months ago, it is clear
that there is significant demand for a dedicated online travel resource
that enables visitors to Egypt to plan all aspects of their holiday to
our exciting and diverse country.”



Mr El Khadem added: “We will continue to develop and build on the
website to ensure that it not only continues to provide a whole host of
useful information to consumers and trade alike, but also plays a
valuable part in helping us to attract more visitors to Egypt and
ultimately reach our goal of attracting 16 million visitors by 2014.”


A second dedicated website
  has also been developed specifically
for travel agents and media and is currently available in 18 different
countries in 14 different languages.  In addition to comprehensive
destination details, the site also provides agents and journalists with
additional features such as the opportunity to download photographs,
access press releases and media packs or simply order a sales guide. In
coming months, the Egyptian Tourism Authority will also add a series of
online educational modules for agents.


Both websites offer the possibility to subscribe to online services,
with 2,759 travel agents registering on the trade site and over 11, 000
users from 15 different nationalities requesting a regular newsletter


In October the Egyptian Tourism Authority is also set to unveil a new
multi-million dollar worldwide television and print advertising campaign
titled ‘Gift of the Sun’. To be launched across Asia, Europe, North
America and the Middle East, this new campaign will build on the success
of the   by continuing to
highlight and build on the many wonderful experiences Egypt has to offer
its visitors.