Icelandair switches inventory to Amadeus

Icelandair has
successfully cut over all its inventory and revenue management activity to an
integrated platform consisting of Amadeus Altea Inventory and Amadeus Revenue
Management System by PROS. The migration has provided Icelandair with additional,
vital tools, to strengthen competitive differentiation and support its aggressive
growth strategy.

As part of its commercial strategy to grow Reykjavik as an international hub between
Europe and North America, Icelandair is committed to implementing a next generation
customer management system. As a result, Icelandair is the 29th airline to select
the Altéa Customer Management suite of solutions (Altéa CMS). The airline already
uses Altéa Reservation, the multi-channel sales component of the suite, Amadeus
e-Travel Airline Suite, the leading online booking solution for airlines and
e-Ticket Server, the database for full management and distribution of electronic
tickets. The implementation now of an integrated inventory and revenue management
solution brings added strength to Icelandair’s capacity to address its evolving
business requirements.

Arni Sigurdsson, Director, Distribution, Icelandair, said:  “As one of the most
progressive regional airlines in Europe, we are fully committed to expanding
internationally. As such, it is critical that we have a next generation technology
system in place that is able to support our commercial objectives. Importantly, our
profitability is decided by how effectively the inventory and yield management
system work.” He continued: “It is vital that we can rely on robust technology to
deliver the seamless travel experience that our customers demand. Amadeus has proven
that it is able to develop and implement the tools and solutions that will meet our
needs both today and in the future.”

Altéa Inventory gives Icelandair complete control over its inventory and seat
planning, providing the tools to maximise the yield on every seat. Likewise, Amadeus
Revenue Management System by PROS, which is brought to market through a partnership
between Amadeus and PROS, the market leader in revenue management solutions, will
reinforce the airline’s ability to increase revenues by accurately forecasting
future demand on each flight. PROS solutions are currently enabling significant
revenue gains for airlines. Through an agreement with Amadeus, the latter will host
and market PROS’ flagship revenue management system to airlines.

Frédéric Spagnou, Vice President, Airline Business Group, Amadeus, said: “Airlines
need to continue to think differently if they are to fulfil their potential in this
highly competitive market. Icelandair is a successful example of an airline with a
clear and differentiated growth strategy, and to ensure it is able to achieve its
ambitions, it must access technology that delivers the type of functionality they
need. By implementing the flexible and future-proof Altéa CMS, Icelandair is able to
deliver both bottom line and customer service improvements today, as well as have
confidence that future demands can be supported.”


Icelandair joins airlines across the globe, that have selected Altea CMS, among them
leading members of the oneworld and Star alliances. Currently close to 150 airlines
rely on Altéa Reservation to power their sales and reservations functions, some 40
others use e-Ticket Server to fully manage their e-ticketing activity, and over 70
of the world’s leading airlines use the Amadeus e-Travel Airline Suite to power over
250 websites in more than 80 markets.