Sabre looks to customer experience

Sabre Airline Solutions and
ResponseTek Networks Corp have partnered to introduce Sabre Customer Experience Manager for
airlines worldwide.Sabre Customer Experience Manager enables airlines to consistently
deliver positive customer experiences by routing customer feedback
directly to those who are accountable and enabling airlines to rapidly
resolve issues, make improvements and assure overall quality of
products and services.

  “Airlines have historically had some of the lowest customer
satisfaction scores across all industries,” said Ed Thompson, VP
Distinguished Analyst, CRM, for Gartner. “Their success is heavily
dependent on delivering a positive customer experience. Setting
reasonable expectations, delivering on those expectations, and then
collecting real-time feedback in order to learn from customers will be
the key mechanism for improving the customer experience.”
  Turning customers into advocates is a key component in building a
successful customer-centric business strategy, and the new Sabre
Customer Experience Manager will help airlines create strong, lasting
customer relationships. An integral customer management solution, the
system enables an airline to continuously monitor customer
interactions to improve satisfaction, increase customer loyalty and
retention, and ultimately enhance and sustain revenue.
  “Using Sabre Customer Experience Manager, carriers can increase
customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and advocacy which will result
in increased profitability and the ability to deliver customer
experiences that are consistent with the brand promise,” said Gordon
Locke, Sabre Airline Solutions vice president, Marketing for Airline
Passenger Solutions. “Partnering with ResponseTek, the industry leader
in CEM, we now provide a unique, world-class customer experience
solution that offers airlines significant benefits and reiterates our
commitment to building an end-to-end solution that helps airlines
transform their business across every major business area.”

  Sabre Customer Experience Manager will help an airline:

  — Monitor customers’ experiences in real time 24 hours a day,
      seven days a week—and engage them right from the start.

  — Listen to what customers want and encourage them to share
      their perceptions and experiences.


  — Integrate insight from customers into the airline’s
      organization in order to respond to and act on feedback.

  — Determine, in real time, which part of the airline is
      delighting or disappointing customers and immediately identify
      the people, processes or products serving or failing

  — Establish metrics to help the organization lower customer
      churn before customers turn to the competition.

  — Shorten product and service improvement cycles and reduce
      revenue impact by instantly routing critical information to
      appropriate organizations to make improvements.

  “We are excited to collaborate with a leading solution provider
like Sabre Airline Solutions and take our combined expertise to
market,” said ResponseTek CEO Syed Hasan. “Sabre Airline Solutions is
demonstrating its commitment to customer experience by offering Sabre
Customer Experience Manager to its clients.”