Jordan launches new tourism brand

Jordan Tourism Board launched the new brand identity it had developed for the tourism sector and unveiled its new promotional materials; brochures, website and film in a reception held at the Four Seasons in Amman on Monday 18th September 2006. This event was attended by distinguished guests, ministers, top officials, ambassadors, JTB members and stakeholders, as well as patrons of the tourism sector and various media representatives.

H.E. Mr. Munir Nassar, Minister of Tourism & Antiquities and Chairman of Jordan Tourism Board greeted the guests with a welcoming statement.

This launch is considered a very significant step for JTB in promoting its new brand identity that was derived from the vision and objectives of the National Tourism Strategy, which aims at putting Jordan on the global tourism map.

The new brand identity reflects the cultural heritage of Jordan through the fine old tradition of calligraphy and its unique character is expressed in the shapes of the letters which are styled to represent a small mosaic piece, a part of the larger mosaic that makes up Jordan. The Crown was drawn to communicate that Jordan is a 21st century monarchy. It is presented in the style of a copyright symbol to suggest the protection of something of high value. The colors of the brand have been drawn from the rich tapestry of colors that make up the natural environment of Jordan. From the stone colors of Petra and golden sands of the desert to the rich earth and greens of the fields, the blues of the sky, sea, and springs to the pinks of the flowers.

The Jordan brand comes with a selection of colors and graphics that represent Jordan, capturing the national identity of the Hashemite Kingdom and its rich cultural heritage. The continuous exposure of the Jordan brand in its different sectors will build strong brand awareness and establish emotional links with potential consumers.


In line with the great enhancements that JTB has witnessed in its ongoing efforts for improvement it has built upon the new brand in developing all new marketing collateral following the guidelines of the Jordan brand which was created to be utilized by the different sectors of the country, one being tourism.

The Managing Director of Jordan Tourism Board, Mr. Mazen Homoud said, ‘We work to build a character for Jordan as a favorite international tourist destination, and to privatize this product, where we have contracted a specialized company to design this unique brand for Jordan’s tourism product to represent and characterize it in the international market. This logo was adopted and incorporated in all promotional products and print material that the JTB produces.’

JTB has just published seven new promotional brochures in English that cover the tourist experiences: Leisure and Wellness, Historical and Cultural, Eco and Nature, Religious and Faith (Tracing Islam and Biblical Jordan), and Fun and Adventure tourism. JTB also published a general Visitor’s Guide covering all the experiences and providing general information. These brochures are currently being translated into Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and Japanese.

In JTB’s continuous efforts to keep up with the growing dependency on the internet as a source of information, it has launched a new and advanced website ( ) which is rich with facts, original photography, maps and broad information that could be of interest or need to a tourist. The website was designed as a marketing tool to attract and encourage its visitors to come to Jordan. The website visitors are also offered the opportunity to give their feedback and present their views and questions about the website.

In addition, the website offers the opportunity for new communication lines between JTB and the tourism sector. The website presents information and a unique photo exhibit that allows members to download large data base documents and high resolution pictures for their commercial promotional needs. The website is also currently being translated into Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese.

This website will be a significant data collecting tool for research purposes where it tracks the number of website entries, the country the person is entering the website from, the time the entry came and tracks their steps around the website monitoring the time spent at every page. This technology provides JTB with a rich information pool that will be utilized in its marketing research development.

JTB also shared a viewing of one of three of its latest original promotional film productions. The films produced by the JTB and narrated by Peter Greenberg are a general film covering all sites of Jordan, a Religious film and an Eco-adventure film to cover all special market niches.

These accomplishments are part of JTB’s marketing plan, which is based on supporting and emphasizing the marketing foundations for the Jordan tourism product, especially in countries that export high yield tourists. This in turn is what the National Tourism Strategy calls for.