SIA pilots clash over A380 pay

Singapore Airlines (SIA) and the Airline Pilots Association Singapore (Alpa-S) are at loggerheads over pay for pilots of the 19 Airbus A380s that SIA has ordered, the Straits Times reported, quoting officials of the airline and the union. The newspaper said SIA and the Alpa-S had been discussing the matter for about six months and had agreed to refer it to the Industrial Arbitration Court.

It quoted Alpa-S president P James as saying SIA had proposed to pay pilots of A380s less than pilots of Boeing 747s, who receive at least 10,000 sgd a month.

The newspaper quoted pilots as saying that the rule of thumb is: the bigger the plane, the bigger the pilot’s salary.

SIA’s A380s will have about 480 seats, 100 more than its 747s.

James was quoted as saying: “The company is seeking to have some differences with Alpa-S over proposed pay scales for A380 pilots adjudicated. We hope that the outstanding issues can be resolved quickly.”