Amadeus unwraps e-Travel latest

Amadeus has announced the latest release of Amadeus e-Travel Management which
balances corporations global and local needs.“Meeting the evolving needs of our customers is an essential part of being a
technology partner. The latest Amadeus e-Travel Management release is
testament to our continued dedication to provide flexibility and localised
content to our corporate customers across the world, ensuring that the
solution is readily-tailored to specific market requirements, says Jér™me
Destors, Commercial Director, Amadeus e-Travel.

The ?guest traveller? functionality, available to corporations around the
world, allows companies to arrange travel for clients, consultants and job
applicants without completing a full, permanent profile. This important
addition saves time and makes it easier for corporate travel departments to
accommodate the growing reliance on temporary employees.

Destors adds: ?Our corporate customers tell us they are increasingly reliant
on consultants and contractors who need to travel but don?t need a full
profile in the corporate booking tool, so we implemented ?guest traveller?
functionality. This constant dialogue and involvement of our customers in
our development process underlines Amadeus? claim to be the technology
partner for the travel industry.

Amadeus e-Travel Management now also allows travel managers to prioritise
elements of the corporate travel policy for hotels. As well as the standard
rules, travel managers can now set ?back-up? rules for hotel bookings. The
solution will first attempt to obtain availability results that match the
high priority rules. If none are returned, the lower priority rules will be

The key to offering a truly global solution is local understanding.
Corporate travel managers in Australia were looking for flexible one-way
combinable fares from a corporate booking solution. Amadeus e-Travel
Management is now able to answer this local market need by incorporating a
one-way air display with combinable fares in the Australian market. More
fare options are displayed per flight, including a greater number of fare
options for web search.


The traveller is able to combine any fare type, including full service
carrier flights taken from the distribution system with web search options
within the same reservation, giving travellers a higher degree of
flexibility and choice when booking their flights. The one-way air display
will become a standard functionality of the e-Travel Management solution and
will be available globally in 2007.