SAS first with biometric security check

Scandinavian Airlines ushers in a world first
this week with the introduction of biometrically processed security
checks at Lulea in Sweden.SAS’ checks ensure that the passenger who
checks in an item of luggage is the same person who boards the flight.

Passengers checking in baggage have their index finger scanned and their
finger print recorded. The information is stored in SAS’ passenger
register and correlates with the details on the baggage tag. A second
fingerprint scan is carried out at the departure gate, ensuring that the
person who checked in the baggage is the same person who boards the
aircraft. All information is automatically erased when the customer
completes the journey*.

“SAS is dedicated to ensuring that air travel is efficient and
biometric security saves time for both our customers and SAS,” said
Susanne Dahlberg, Commercial Director of SAS Sweden. 

The launch of biometric security checks in Lulea marks the beginning of
a four week trial period in Lulea. Following the trial the new security
measures will be introduced nationally across Sweden** during autumn
2006. SAS’ ultimate objective is to introduce biometric security to
Sweden, Denmark and Norway.