Etihad adds Hitit to freq flyer program

Etihad has chosen Hitit’s Crane
Frequent Flyer software as a strategic component in its new program. Crane
Frequent Flyer System, with its rich features and flexibility provides the
power and dynamism that meets Etihad’s high standards.

Etihad Airways has recently launched its Etihad Guest program, a unique proposition
that revolutionizes airline loyalty initiatives and echoes the airline’s
personalized and customer-focused approach to travel.

At the core of the program’s creation is the absence of uncompromising
restrictions traditionally associated with existing loyalty schemes,
replaced instead with a flexible range of features and services designed to
cater to public demand.


“Hitit perfectly complements Etihad’s unique customer recognition strategy,
both in terms of technology and the professionalism and skills of the people
involved. They have delivered an important component of Etihad Guest,
Etihad’s unique loyalty programme, helping us achieve the large scope and
ambitious timelines of the programme. Our partnership with Hitit allows us
to deliver enhanced value to our Guests.” says Peter Baumgartner, Head of
Marketing, Etihad Airways.



“Hitit Computer Services is proud to be a part of this innovative project.
We thank Etihad for giving us the opportunity to be a part of Etihad Guest,
a program that introduces fresh ideas to airline loyalty.” stated Nur
Gokman, CEO of Hitit Computer Services.


Crane Frequent Flyer continues to be the best selling airline loyalty
solution worldwide.