Sabre uprates French shopping product

Sabre Travel Network has upgraded its leisure travel shopping product for French travel agencies to incorporate a tool that allows the agent to find, compare and book products from all main tour operators and leisure travel providers on a single screen - regardless of what GDS the agency uses.The Sabre Destinea Quickshop uses an intelligent search engine with wide-ranging criteria to allow travel agents to view and compare the inventory of 16 French tour operators, and obtain costings for the travel products they offer.  The tool enables cross-shopping and cross-selling for 12 of these tour operators, resulting in literally hundreds of product combinations.

Sabre Destinea Quickshop not only increases the efficiency with which travel agents can make holiday bookings, but also leads to significant savings on communication costs - one of the highest cost-lines among French travel agencies after staffing and property.

Sabre Destinea now offers two options for travel agents:
- Sabre Destinea Connect, which gives travel agents access to the travel trade websites of 10 French tour operators.
- Sabre Destinea Quickshop, for access to the full inventory and bookable leisure products from all main tour operators and leisure travel providers in France.

“I was impressed by the powerful capabilities of Sabre Destinea, and how easy it is to use,” said Mme Catherine Pascaud, travel agency manager of Sportours in the Paris suburb of Corbeil Essonnes. “The cross-selling and cross-shopping capabilities make the work of our travel agents easier and allow us to realise significant savings - particularly on phone calls.”

“The way Sabre Destinea Quickshop uses search information really helps enhance our customer relationships,” said Mme Isabelle Ouensanga, travel agency manager of Club Voyages in Corbeil Essonnes. “It’s also really easy to use. This is a true success.”