Virgin reveals text news service

Virgin Atlantic has announced that it is providing passengers with live text news throughout their flightThe service will give passengers up to date news stories, as they happen, straight to their seat back TV.  Sky News, the award winning broadcaster, will be the provider of the news content, which will include breaking news, business news, sports news and match results, celebrity gossip and weather information. 

Dave Tharp, Senior Manager, Development & Logistics, Onboard Media for Virgin Atlantic, commented:

“News provision has developed so much over the years, with people now able to access up-to-the-minute information while they are travelling.  We wanted to reflect this in our onboard service and now, whether you want the very latest breaking news headlines, the latest score at Stamford Bridge or the hottest showbiz news, you’ll be able to find out when flying with Virgin Atlantic!”

This latest innovation ensures passengers are kept more up to date with stories on both their outbound and inbound journey and reflects the trend for instant information that is relevant on the ground.

Steve Bennedik, Editor, Sky News Networked Media, said:


“Sky News’ innovative text news service will make sure that Virgin Atlantic passengers receive the latest breaking news, even at 35,000 feet.  For the businessman needing up-to-the-minute financial news, the entertainment fan keeping in touch with all the showbiz gossip, or the newshound who can’t live without breaking news, this service will prove invaluable.”

The live text news service will be available on all V:Port equipped aircraft. All Virgin Atlantic aircraft are fitted with personal seat back TV’s for every passenger.  V:Port, the latest in in-flight entertainment, has over 300 hours of Video and Audio on demand which allows passengers to stop, start, fast forward and rewind all the action.