DFW assesses Beijing impact

A new
economic survey performed by the respected global aviation consulting firm
SH&E confirms that the proposed new nonstop service from DFW International
Airport to Beijing, China on American Airlines would be a boon to the state
and regional economies, adding $180 million to the Texas economy every
year.DFW had previously reported that the new flight—the first non-stop
flight from to China from the State of Texas—would bring $120 million to
North Texas, an impressive figure but based on calculations from several
years ago. The full economic impact will be generated by job creation,
trade stimulation through increased imports and exports, visitor spending
in North Texas and service growth to support the new flight.
  “Texas has strong economic ties to China, and it continues to grow
annually,” said Texas Governor Rick Perry. “Approval of American Airlines’
application for a DFW-Beijing flight will benefit not only the business men
and women who travel there regularly but will boost tourism between the two
  If the flight application is approved, the DFW to Beijing flight will
provide first-time one-stop Beijing service for 30 airports in eight
states. In Texas, those airports include Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, College
Station, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Houston, Killeen, Laredo, Longview,
Lubbock, McAllen, Midland/Odessa, San Angelo, Tyler, Waco, and Wichita
Falls. Overall, the DFW Airport-Beijing route will provide one-stop service
between Beijing and 95 airports in 32 states and the District of Columbia.
  “We thought it was important to recalculate this economic impact
assessment using the most recent data available to ensure that the
Department of Transportation is aware of the potential economic impact of
this flight, and to emphasize that the State of Texas is the appropriate
place to launch this new service,” said Joe Lopano, executive vice
president of marketing and terminal management. “It is clear that the
entire southern sector of the United States will benefit by having a quick
easy connection from DFW to this incredible city and it will open up new
opportunities for new business and jobs around our great state and the
North Texas region.”
  China is Dallas-Fort Worth’s largest trading partner, with total trade
valued at more than $13.6 billion in 2005. And China is second only to
Mexico as the largest trading partner with the State of Texas, with more
than $22 billion in imports and exports last year. The DFW gateway serves
as the epicenter of the booming trade connection between Texas and China,
with cargo volumes of 66,313.6 metric tonnes in 2005, an increase of 145
percent over the past three years. American Airlines’ strong presence in
Latin America also enables the use of DFW as a hub between China and
Central and South America for international cargo as well as passengers.  “China is our number one trade partner in Dallas / Fort Worth, and we
will see a significant increase in economic development activity if we are
approved for a DFW-Beijing non-stop route on American Airlines,” said
Dallas Mayor Laura Miller. “The Dallas City Council strongly supports this
critical development.”
  “We fully understand and appreciate what a direct link to Beijing would
mean to Fort Worth and our regional economy,” said Fort Worth Mayor Mike
Moncrief. “It means real jobs and real opportunities for thousands of our
fellow citizens and businesses. The city of Fort Worth strongly supports
making this flight a reality as soon as possible. Now is the time for non-
stop service to Beijing. The market is here and this region deserves this
needed service.”
  American Airlines announced it would seek the DFW-Beijing route on July
23 at the Airport’s new International Terminal D, the world’s newest
international airline terminal. In its first year of service, Terminal D
has hosted nine million domestic and international passengers. The terminal
has won a number of industry awards for its architecture and design and
most importantly has scored high marks in polling of travelers, with
89-percent of international travelers “pleased and delighted” with their
experience in the $1.2 billion facility.
  The economic impact study was conducted by SH&E, one of the world’s
leading independent aviation consultancy firms and the largest consulting
firm dedicated exclusively to the air transport industry.