Airbus confirms further A380 delays

EADS, the parent company of Airbus has confirmed that there will be a further delay in deliveries of the A380 super-jumbo.A statement from the company, confirming the delays reads:

“EADS does not confirm nor deny specific information reported by various media relating to the A380 program because the review of the program is not completed yet.

“Although Company’s assessment is still under way, continuing industrialization challenges with the wiring of production aircraft have been identified and are being tackled.

“Consequently, from what is known today, there will be further delays.

“The current status is that we have not finalized the schedule of deliveries nor the financial impact of any delays.


“All appropriate resources are focused on bringing the ongoing assessment to maturity. EADS and Airbus will provide more detailed information within 4 weeks as Airbus is currently working on developing action plans and a solid delivery schedule to its customers. In the meantime flight testing milestones of the A380 are progressing as planned.”

Last week Mike Turner, the head of BAE Systems, which is selling its 20% stake in Airbus, warned of the risk of further production hold-ups.