JAL adapts route plan again

The JAL Group is making further revisions to its route and frequency plan for the second half of FY2006 in addition to those already announced this year and subject to government approval.  From October 29, 2006, JAL will increase international passenger flight frequency between Japan and China. JAL will double the number of flights on its Tokyo and Guangzhou route establishing a twice-daily service between the two cities. Flight frequency will be increased on JAL’s Tokyo - Xiamen route from 3 to 4 flights per week.   

JAL already announced on August 17, 2006 that it would increase its Nagoya (Chubu) - Guangzhou service from 3 to 7 flights per week from October 29. 

As a result, JAL will continue to be the airline offering the largest network between Japan and China. At present, JAL serves 12 cities in China on 29 routes with a total of 240 flights per week including code shares. The proposed second half revisions would increase the number of flights offered by JAL to 252 flights per week. 

JAL will also increase international cargo flight frequency between the two countries from October 29, 2006. JAL will increase its Tokyo- Guangzhou service from 1 to 2 flights per week.   

From March 24, 2007, JAL will suspend its under-performing Osaka - Brisbane - Sydney -Osaka route.   


Flight frequency will be increased on JAL’s Tokyo - Los Angeles route from 7 to 8 flights per week from October 29, 2006. 

The airline’s award-winning JAL Shell Flat Seat will become available on all flights between Japan and the US mainland following the introduction of the seat on Tokyo - Los Angeles flights (JL065/066) on November 4, 2006.   

The second half route and frequency revisions form part of the JAL Group’s ongoing restructuring of its international, domestic and cargo businesses. Through route restructuring JAL aims to build a more profit-focused network, and return its international passenger business to profitability.    In the JAL Group medium-term business plan FY2006-2010, the company forecasts a 13.5 billion yen (US$112.5 million) income improvement in FY2006 from route suspensions, flight frequency adjustments, and a review of aircraft scheduling. JAL’s route restructuring measures led to an income improvement of 3 billion yen (US$25 million) in FY2005.