ASM, Sabre partner for Routes

Airport Strategy and
Marketing Ltd (ASM) and Sabre Airline Solutions (Sabre) are launching a growth partnership, commencing at this
year’s Routes.
  ASM and the consulting business of Sabre Airline Solutions have
agreed to an extensive marketing relationship, working together in
order to jointly increase their respective consulting businesses in
the fields of route development for airports, as well as more general
commercial and operations related airport consulting. The partnership
intends to capitalise on the respective strengths of each brand
creating an unrivalled market leading offer of services to the world’s
  “ASM and Sabre have been associates for many years, and the growth
partnership is a very natural and logical step forward for the
relationship,” said David Stroud, ASM’s managing director. “By working
closer together we greatly enhance our offer to the market. I firmly
believe that ASM and Sabre will provide airports with an unrivalled
suite of route development services and solutions on a global scale.”
  Successful route development for airports depends on the provision
of high quality market information, incisive strategy and a strong
capability to persuade airlines to operate new services. This growth
partnership brings together this complete capability to both
companies’ global client bases.
  In addition to greater route development solutions, this
partnership will also provide more of the world’s airports with
additional commercial and operational solutions, designed to optimize
performance at both companies’ clients. Through the combined strengths
of both companies, airports will see improved solutions targeting
areas including market analysis, route forecasting, concessions
analysis, and community relations among others; as well as
improvements in operational areas such as terminal gating, airport
staffing, and cargo analysis.
  “The ASM/Sabre partnership is a natural progression of the
relationship that has evolved between these companies over the years,”
said Nejib Ben-Khedher, president of the consulting practice within
Sabre Airline Solutions. “When the management of both organizations
analyzed the services provided, regional presence and capabilities of
the two companies, both sides recognized that there were additional
benefits to both our clients and our businesses could be gained by an
even closer relationship. We view this partnership as complementary to
our internal growth plans initiated four years ago and sustained with
the aim to create a clear leadership position in this sector.”
  ASM and Sabre will seek to grow each others’ business through a
process of joint promotion, referrals and joint bidding for new
airport contracts, jointly branded collateral designed to publicize
systems and services provided by both parties, joint marketing and
advertising plans, a combined resource pool and combined delivery
resources, joint RFP bids, and various cost-reduction initiatives such
as joint-exhibitions at industry events as well as third-party
purchasing. These steps, as well as others currently being discussed,
are designed to mutually benefit both parties, and lead to the growth
of both practices.