American upgrades first and business

Starting this month, as part
of its investment in premium class services, American Airlines will expand its
culinary options and overall service in First and Business class cabins.“American Airlines recognizes that dining is a key aspect of the
overall premium class experience,” said Lauri Curtis, American’s Vice
President Onboard Service. “As a result, we continue to raise the bar with
our menu options.”
  The enhancements follow American’s redesign of premium
class transcontinental menus earlier this year with input from Conclave
Chef Nancy Brussat-Barocci. Last year American unveiled new premium class
menus for flights between the United States and Europe with menus developed
by Stephan Pyles, also a member of American’s Chefs Conclave.
  American used customer input as the basis for the premium class
upgrades. Among the enhancements, all First and Business cabins will
feature silverware and warm cloth towels. International and
transcontinental flights will feature artisan breads, after-dinner
Ghirardelli chocolates, pre-landing sparkling water service and individual
salt and pepper shakers in both the First and Business Class cabins.
  First Class passengers traveling to Europe, Asia and Latin America will
enjoy a marinated cheese antipasto snack as an option to warm mixed nuts,
an enhanced appetizer and a salad garnished with smoked duck. European
markets will also feature new dessert tarts in mixed berry, pecan and key
lime flavors in First Class, as well as a mid-flight snack option for
westbound flights, and new breakfast options.
  On transcontinental flights, a marinated cheese antipasto snack will be
offered as an alternative to warm mixed nuts in First Class and a baked on
board cookie service will be featured on lunch and dinner flights in both
First and Business Class.
  On domestic, Mexico and Caribbean flights, after-dinner mints and baked
on board cookies will be available during snack and light lunch service in
both First and Business Class cabins.
    * American expects to serve approximately 15.7 million mints—enough to
serve every person living in the metropolitan areas of Chicago and
Dallas with some mints to spare.

    * The 2.9 million chocolates served each year in-flight—if lined up
side by side—would cover the length of 1,000 American football

    * Approximately 150,000 loaves of artisan bread will be served—enough
to give every commuter at Grand Central Station in New York a loaf of
bread on a given day and still have some to spare.

    * If the loaves of bread were lined up side by side, they would stretch
across more than 288 soccer fields and over 300 American football
  “Our flight attendants were instrumental in providing feedback and
suggestions for our premium customers,” said Curtis. “The new menu items
will complement the superior service that our flight attendants provide.”
  American continues to invest in products and services that travelers
value. An expanded global network, new Admirals Club lounges, helicopter
shuttle service between JFK Airport and Manhattan through a relationship
with US Helicopter and, most recently, investing in the Next Generation
Business Class are a few examples of American’s commitment to its

American Airlines has also been nominated this year for a



World Travel Award as World’s Leading Airline.