CheapoAir upgrades search tech in partnership with Fareportal, a complex Flight Fare Search Technology enabling consumers to search for flights to airports within a 100 mile radius of the original searched airport. This technology will assist in providing lower competitive fares on The user may select the option to search for additional airports within a given radius or may choose to ignore this advanced search option.

Fares are usually 5-30% lower when the user selects this advanced search feature while conducting a search for cheap airfares.

While launching this new technology, Harsh Sood, CTO of Fareportal said “This Technology will now enable users to find lower fares in one simple search without having to specify the closest airport to their original search. The system will automatically identify the closest airports within a 100 mile radius and display all available airfare options.”

CheapoAir issued this statement: “CheapoAir is committed to bringing solid value to its customers. Through our partnership with Fareportal, we will continuously strive to bring technology that will leverage airfare structures employing the latest cutting edge methods for providing the most cost effective solutions to our customers.”

Users of this technology may benefit from savings of up to 30% on airline fares by choosing to fly from an alternate airport. Traditionally, smaller suburban airports offer lower fares due to less popularity. Many low cost airlines such as Southwest Airlines fly to smaller airports to avoid high operating costs. This enables Southwest to offer lower, competitive fares.