Jumeirah Essex House offers viewcam

New York’s landmark Jumeirah Essex House, situated on Central Park South, offers all guests staying at the hotel the opportunity to experience a “room with a view” - whether it’s “real” or “real-time.” Guests staying at the hotel craving all of the energy and excitement of the neon lights of the city or the verdant tranquility and scenic beauty of Central Park, can now experience real-time views of both of these world-famous Manhattan tourist attractions on their television sets in the privacy of their own rooms.

The Jumeirah Essex House, currently celebrating its 75th anniversary, is already renowned for its well-appointed guestrooms featuring stunning park views, so guests will be treated to views at all times - whether its through their television sets or gazing out the window.

Two cameras positioned on the rooftop of the hotel will enable live feeds from Broadway, midtown Manhattan’s main artery, and Central Park, that will be broadcasted on two of the hotel’s internal TV channels. One camera will focus on a Central Park view and the other, a “downtown” view of New York’s skyline landmarks. The cameras will automatically pan-tilt-zoom according to the desired settings. Guests can view the kinetic energy and bright lights of the Big Apple and the sweeping vistas of Manhattan’s Central Park on their room’s television sets that will prepare them for the ultimate New York experience!

With the fall season fast approaching, guests can book now for a romantic “autumn in New York” weekend and snuggle up in a cozy guestroom, order room service in bed, and be treated to park views ablaze with spectacular fall foliage color displaying leafy hues of red, orange and yellow. Or, guests can view and move to the pulsating rhythms and kinetic energy of the center of the universe.

“We want our guests to capture and experience all of the excitement and beauty that embodies the city in the privacy of their own rooms,” said Scott Dawson, General Manager of the Jumeirah Essex House. “Guests can now enjoy views round the clock - whether they set their sights on the Park gazing out of a window, or witness live, the energy of Broadway’s corridor to Times Square - they are getting the best of both worlds.”


The hotel’s two cameras are provided by BcCure Technology, which are high-resolution PTZ cameras and the interactive TV system is provided by LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation.