BA offers registered traveler program

British Airways announced that it is offering online advance registration for the Clear registered traveler program, due to launch at the airline’s New York JFK terminal this fall. The registered traveler program, launching in conjunction with Clear, will give members a more convenient and consistent experience when going through airport security lines. Registered travelers have access to dedicated lanes and are less likely to be selected for secondary searches.

Robin Hayes, executive vice president British Airways the Americas, said, “We are pleased to be offering our customers the first and only facility for the registered traveler program in the New York area. Our terminal at JFK is already a fast terminal to move through, and with this program, it will be even quicker. In addition, with advance registration now available online, our customers can get a head start on the enrollment process.”

Applicants may begin the first part of the enrollment process at . This step is completed online and involves submitting basic biographic information. The second step is carried out at a Clear enrollment station, where an applicant submits biometric images (iris and fingerprints) and identity documentation.

The complete two-stage process may be conducted at a Clear enrollment station, but applicants choosing online enrollment may complete the first stage in advance. After Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approval, members are given a biometric card, which allows them expedited access through dedicated security lanes.

The enrollment station is expected to be rolled out at British Airways’ JFK Terminal 7 later this fall, shortly followed by the installation of the Clear registered traveler lane.


Members will pay Clear an annual fee of $79.95 and a separate vetting fee to TSA, expected to be between $27 and $30.