Abanco secures Midwest credit card deal

Abanco International has announced that it would partner with Milwaukee-based Midwest Airlines to offer payments for services on Midwest flights.Midwest Airlines will utilize the innovative and proven Abanco Mobile Data Technology (MDT) In-Flight application to process credit card payments for Best Care Cuisine onboard meals, alcoholic beverages and the airline’s popular digEplayer(TM) handheld entertainment units. The new payment service will be available on flights beginning in mid-November.

MDT In-Flight is the airline industry’s most complete wireless credit card payment processing, data management and inventory control solution. A multi-featured wireless device with bar-coding scanning and magnetic strip technologies that not only expands payment options for onboard services, it also speeds and simplifies the service process - allowing for a better passenger experience.

“The MDT In-Flight application has been proven as the airlines’ best solution for in-flight revenue generation,” said Tracy Metzger, President, Abanco International. “With MDT In-Flight, Abanco has addressed the airline industry challenge to create value, add convenience and provide new options for operational efficiencies that benefit the bottom line.”

“Our customer research indicates that a significant number of passengers would like to use a credit card to pay for onboard products and services,” added Scott R. Dickson, Midwest Airlines Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “The Abanco MDT system meets our current and future needs, as we look to do more onboard with and for our customers.”