Sabre reveals new generation of tools

Sabre Travel Network has announced its latest foundational elements for
end-to-end corporate and leisure solutions.These broad improvements
to the Sabre Air suite, including the Sabre MyFares fare management
system, core pricing and shopping capabilities and customizable fare
displays, are the key building blocks of an end-to-end product suite
that leverages open systems technology to speed and greatly enhance
shopping and pricing beyond any other GDS offering.
  Sabre Travel Network remains keenly focused on revolutionizing its
air shopping and booking systems to take advantage of the full content
provided by our airline partners. Sabre led the industry in moving
core shopping and pricing functions to open systems that enable
innovation by providing far greater flexibility and speed. Now, the
Sabre Air suite provides a new generation of enhanced shopping and
pricing capabilities, enabling travel agents to more quickly find the
best and most accurate fare options for their clients. The benefits of
these new capabilities were instrumental in compelling major agencies
to move business to Sabre in recent months. More broadly, all Sabre
Connected agencies worldwide are being upgraded to the new system.
  Sabre Air enables travel agents to quickly and easily meet their
customers’ demands for the best airfares. Sabre Air finds the lowest
published fares more frequently, delivers more alternative itineraries
with more fare options, enables more efficient distribution of
negotiated fares and prices itineraries more accurately than ever
  A recent independent study conducted by Topaz International
revealed that agents who use Sabre Air found the lowest fares as much
as 21 times more often than other GDSs. In addition, when finding the
lower fares, Sabre Air delivered an average of approximately 50% more
in savings.
  “The data from this study clearly shows that the move to open
systems for shopping and pricing is delivering tangible results - the
type of results that provide the differentiated service Sabre
Connected travel agents and their customers expect when shopping in
Sabre,” said Chris Kroeger, senior vice president for North America,
Sabre Travel Network.
  Another key component of Sabre’s new end-to-end foundation is
Sabre MyFares. This new, state-of-the-art fare management system
combines robust fare-filing capabilities with a graphical interface
that enables agencies to quickly and easily load their private fares
into Sabre. With Sabre MyFares, agents improve productivity and
accuracy, thereby reducing the cost of managing and distributing their
private fares, while at the same time improving the quality of their
service to customers. By combining Sabre MyFares with Sabre’s leading
low fare shopping capabilities, agents have easy access to their
preferred content, as well as to the best tools to comparison shop
across both published and private fares.
  “Through our Efficient Access Solution, Sabre Connected travel
agents gained complete and easy access to their negotiated rates,
along with the full-content available in the Sabre GDS. Sabre MyFares
builds upon this access, significantly streamlining the workflow of
agents, particularly those who serve the corporate market where
productivity and customer response times are critical,” said Kroeger.
  Sabre has also introduced advanced pricing and rule display
capabilities, allowing agents to ensure that they are accurately
pricing itineraries while viewing the associated fare rules via
customizable, simple and easy-to-interpret rule displays.
  With Sabre Air’s new capabilities, Sabre Connected agents have
enhanced capabilities to streamline their end-to-end air sales
process, deliver even stronger value to their customers, and help
further differentiate their offerings in the marketplace.

Sabre has also been nominated this year for a


World Travel Award as World’s Leading CRS/GDS System.