New travel blog launches is launching a directory for articles with free RSS news feeds, travel portal design refresh, a travel blog and a newsletter.
    In an effort to support other webmasters, is offering its
original articles through RSS news feed free of charge. Now newspapers,
ezines, magazines and independent websites can effortlessly integrate
fresh, captivating content from the Internet portal in no time. Each
article is available for PDF download, RSS feed or browser printing.
  Simultaneously, launched its new and improved travel portal
directly accessible at The new design gives visitors
custom travel information, improved design and navigation. To complement
this next- generation design, the Internet portal offers travelers access
to read fresh articles and industry blog posts at Travel enthusiasts can post their comments
about recent trips, ask questions about travel destinations and get rapid
feedback. is aiming to help fans stay up-to-date by signing up for weekly
newsletters ( ). The new
newsletter gives visitors a quick glimpse of the week’s most popular
features, products and stories.
  “We’re thrilled to expand our existing services and offer ongoing
articles and travel content to our web visitors,” states Clinton Douglas
IV, CEO and co-founder of “Our exclusive articles directory and
RSS feeds, travel portal, travel blog and newsletter are just one step in
our enhanced business direction. We continually strive to simplify our
customers’ lives. With content changing constantly as the latest news
stories hit, we encourage visitors to set as their browser’s
primary homepage.”