Galileo ties up insurance deal

RHB Insurance Berhad and Galileo International are signing an exclusive agreement by which Galileo will provide the technology platform for Galileo-connected travel agents across Malaysia to access RHB’s insurance products.

Under the terms of the agreement, Galileo-connected agents will have access to a travel insurance product called TravelProtector, which will allow them to offer insurance coverage to their customers with the policy number included in the travelers’ itinerary.

The opportunity to access RHB Insurance through Galileo Desktops enables travel agents to earn additional revenue and save time in selling travel insurance products through a much simpler booking and sales process. Also, travel agents can now offer insurance with air travel, accommodation and other travel services creating a “total travel solution” for their customers.

Mr. Koh Heng Kong, CEO of RHB Insurance Berhad said, “Using the Galileo technology platform helps us to broaden our distribution network and provide us with more opportunities to reach out to travelers.” He added: “RHB Insurance is an innovative organisation, which believes that distribution efficiency will ensure that sellers, typically travel agencies, will be able to provide value-added service to their clients, and so ensure a more exceptional travel experience for the buyers.”

According to George Harb, Marketing Director, Travelport Asia, “We are delighted to partner with RHB Insurance Berhad.  It’s a well-established organisation, and is also a part of the RHB Banking Group, which is one of the anchor financial institutions in Malaysia. Galileo, as part of the larger Travelport entity, aspires to create exceptional travel experiences for our travel agents and travelers. This clearly demonstrates our belief in assisting travel agents to offer a hassle-free travel experience for travelers. As a result of our exclusive deal with RHB Insurance, we’ve made it possible for Galileo-connected travel agencies to access and sell an excellent travel insurance product to travelers, making the travel purchase complete.”


Lawrence Liew, Galileo Malaysia General Manager, said “RHB’s nationwide branch network ensures that unrivaled after-sales service is provided to Galileo-connected agents.”

According to Mr Koh, the new platform provided by Galileo guides travel agents to a booking page that does not require the user to memorize cryptic commands when offering the TravelProtector to their clients. “Everything is done online, so it’s a simple point-and-click process,” he says.

TravelProtector is easily integrated into the travel agents sales process. Most travelers today are aware of the need for travel insurance and when the traveler has confirmed his booking and his desire for insurance coverage, the travel agent simply logs into TravelProtector to obtain the right quotations. “There is no need to refer to manuals. Making the quotations available online also makes it more efficient and accurate,” Mr Koh points out.

“Using TravelProtector and working with the RHBI team the travel agent can add a new product to their line without them having to put in any extra effort. We eliminate the inconvenience associated with the manual quotation and procurement process, saving time for the travel agent,” Mr Koh adds.