Flybe rolls out online check-in

Flybe is rolling out an online check-in to now include those passengers booking through travel agents, business to business websites and the Flybe call centre.  The service which is being introduced from 30th August 2006 will be available across 105 Flybe routes.

The innovative ‘Q-Buster’ facility was introduced in April for Flybe customers booking directly via the internet and travelling with hand or hold luggage and saw Flybe becoming the first and only low cost airline to offer an online check-in facility of this nature.  However, up until now, business travellers booking through travel management companies had to follow the traditional check-in procedure, but this latest announcement sees Flybe responding to the needs of business travellers by consolidating the online check-in facility as it is rolled out across all booking portals.

The latest move is a key service development for Flybe as the airline continues to lead innovation in the low cost sector while enhancing the consumer travel experience.  In the last twelve months, Flybe has led a series of pioneering advances in the low cost sector to include pre-assigned seating, a Fair Deal on Baggage initiative, a premier business travel offering, protection against airline failure with scheduled airline failure insurance and more recently, self-service check-in kiosks.

Online check-in will now be available through the Flybe website as well as for bookings made via the Flybe Call Centre and travel agents booking through their GDS or Flybe’s dedicated Travel Agents Booking Site.  This will stream-line the whole travel experience for all Flybe passengers as they will now be able to check-in online from 24 hours prior to departure and up until two hours before their flight saving valuable time and hassle.  Plus passengers returning on the same day will also be able to check-in for their return flight before starting their journey.

Passengers with hand baggage will be able to print off their boarding card at home and then proceed straight to security when they arrive at the airport, eliminating check-in and airport queues.  Passengers travelling with hold baggage can leave their luggage at the dedicated fast bag drop area and will then be able to proceed straight to security.


Mike Rutter, Chief Commercial Officer at Flybe said: “Flybe’s latest innovation means that we are offering all Flybe passengers, including our business travellers, an enhanced service as they can now book through their preferred channel and still check-in online providing all consumers with an experience that minimises their time spent at the airport, removing the need to queues and cutting down on hassle.

“At Flybe we’re constantly looking at ways to revolutionise low cost air travel while enhancing the customer’s travel experience.  On-line check-in has already proved really popular with customers and we are confident that the latest development will be a welcomed addition to our customer offering, eliminating the unnecessary time spent queuing and waiting around and easing the travel experience for time-conscious travellers.”