Flybe goes for eco-friendly fleet

Flybe has become the first airline to
introduce the Embraer 195 (E195) aircrafts to its fleet.The new 5-star,
eco-labelled performance aircraft will give Flybe one of the youngest and most
environmentally-friendly fleets in the industry.

The purchase of the new aircraft represents a significant investment by Flybe in the
environment In line with Flybe’s strict environmental criteria:
      *      The aircraft will burn significantly less fuel and release fewer emissions per
passenger than any other similar sized aircraft.
      *      it will use over 20% less fuel than the BAe 146 aircraft it is replacing and
which are currently being phased-out by Flybe.
      *      The Embraer 195 also brings substantial reductions in noise levels of up to 35% over the BAe146.

This will allow Flybe greater operational flexibility without
adversely impacting local communities
Flybe is the first airline in the world to buy the Embraer 195 aircraft, ordering 26
and investing $950m in the new fleet.  The first aircraft is scheduled to go into
full scheduled service on 29th September at Birmingham International Airport and
further planes will be deployed throughout the year at all of Flybe’s major bases,
including Southampton, Belfast, Channel Islands, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The E195 will provide a more relaxing customer experience. With space for 118
passengers, the aircraft is narrow-bodied with comfortable leather seats, more space
and baggage handling capability.  With the introduction of the E195, the company
will start to phase out the BAe146’s in order to complete Flybe’s fleet transition.

Andrew Strong, Chief Operating Officer, Flybe said: “Consumers are increasingly
becoming conscious of the environmental impact of modern transport, and this was a
major reason for introducing an eco-labelled aircraft. With the Bombardier Q400s
we’ve already purchased, we now not only have one of the youngest fleets in the
industry but also one of the most environmentally-friendly. We hope that the UK
Government will introduce the eco-labelling system which we are promoting with the
introduction of the E195, so consumers can be made aware of how
environmentally-aware their chosen airline is.”
In recent years, Flybe has grown to become one of the largest low cost carriers in
Europe, operating out of nine countries, with 120 routes from 45 different airports.
With a distinct business model, the company has recently introduced a number of
innovative services, such as the Fair Deal on Baggage, Economy Plus for business
travellers and online check in. This year has also seen the company introduce new
bases in Amsterdam, Hanover, Düsseldorf and Galway with new routes from a number of
UK bases.