BookingBuilder, G2 SwitchWorks launch

BookingBuilder Technologies is releasing G2Agent content within BookingBuilder Desktop. 

BookingBuilder Desktop provides seamless integration of non-GDS content at the travel agent point-of-sale.  The integration of G2Agent content adds airline content from nine additional carriers including, AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways (and America West Airlines).

“Today our 7,000 travel partners can now cost effectively access flight and fare information from these suppliers, maintain a competitive edge and reduce their costs from the airlines distribution access fees,” stated David Kunze, CTC president of BookingBuilder.  “This integration with G2 provides a tremendous value to our users.”

BookingBuilder Technologies and G2 SwitchWorks partnered in July of this year and began integration testing in August.  “The partnership between BookingBuilder and G2 provides an efficient and easy way for our agents to get access to this content.  These are two great products that have come together to help our agents and reduce our operational costs,” said Garet Roberson of Travel Planners, Inc, in New York City.  Travel Planners, Inc was a beta test agency. 

BookingBuilder Desktop is compatible with all major GDS’.  There is no additional charge to access the G2 content but the agency must be accredited by G2.  G2 provides access to all domestic fares and protection against debit memos.