IIPT launches World Peace Passport

Peace. It’s an attitude. ÊThat’s the message that emanated from Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort on August 7th as World Peace Passport was launched by IIPT Coalition Partner American Hospitality Academy. 
World Peace Passport is a grassroots movement to promote peace through education and tourism. Created by the American Hospitality Academy (AHA), the World Peace Passport, a non-profit organization, is a global peace education movement designed to foster a spirit of tolerance, respect and understanding among all races and cultures. “As a reflection of this mission,” says Cindi Reiman, AHA ÊPresident, “there is great value placed on creating multi-cultural learning environments that inspire and encourage tolerance, respect, and the celebration of diversity. The World Peace Passport will provide educational books and materials for both elementary schools and the travel and tourism industry, designed to inspire and challenge both children and adults to choose an attitude of peace.”

Designed to help dispel the myth that “different” is dangerous, the World Peace Passport is a fun and informative cultural journey, featuring four “peace stamps” that must be acquired by travelers in order to pass through customs: Understanding Culture, Breaking Down Stereotypes, Respecting Cultural Differences, and Celebrating Diversity.

It is our hope,” says Reiman, “that via the teaching and sharing of these four simple concepts, the World Peace Passport will help students, educators, and travelers learn how to choose and demonstrate an attitude of peace.”

World Peace Passport was created by the American Hospitality Academy, one of the world’s largest and most respected cultural exchange programs within the travel and tourism industry. For the past 20 years, AHA has been inspiring young adults to be caring world citizens through their college internship program. More than 1,000 students from academic institutions around the world participate annually in the AHA’s training program graduating as Cultural Ambassadors for both the U.S. and their home country.

World Peace Passport was inspired by AHA’s Cultural Ambassadors who taught one another that although their cultural customs and traditions differed, they had the same hopes and dreams for a peaceful future.